Graduate Students

Bronwyn Barkla.  September 1987‑December 1989. Characterization and identification of the vacuolar sodium/proton antiport of Beta vulgaris. (M.Sc. Thesis).

Melanie Colclough.  September 1988-January 1991. The Induction of Thermotolerance and Heat Shock Protein Synthesis in Picea mariana (Black Spruce) Seedlings by Heat Conditioning. (M.Sc. Thesis)

Rosario Vera-Estrella. June 1989-July 1991. Effect of race specific elicitors and non-specific elicitors of Cladosporium Fulvum  on tomato cell suspension cultures. (M.Sc. Thesis.(V.J. Higgins, co-supervisor).

Angie Gelli.  September 1990-June 1992. The characterization of vacuolar potassium and malate channels. (M.Sc. Thesis)

Bronwyn Barkla.  January 1990-December 1993. Molecular characterization of a 170 kDa plant tonoplast Na+/H+ antiport-       associated polypeptide (Ph.D. Thesis)

Pamela Plant. September 1992-June 1994. Regulation of an anion selective tonoplast channel by vacuolar chloride (M.Sc. Thesis)

Rosario Vera-Estrella. September 1991-1994. Characterization of signal transduction pathways mediating the development of the incompatible tomato/Cladosporium Fulvum interaction. (Ph.D. Thesis(V.J. Higgins, co-supervisor).

Michael Mayne. January 1992 - October 1995. Changes in gene expression in roots during drought conditioning of jack pine seedlings. (Ph.D. Thesis).

Stephen  J. Colombo. September 1989 - December 1995. Physiological responses of Picea mariana  and Pinus banksiana to high temperature. (Ph.D. Thesis). (V. R. Timmer, co-supervisor)

Bernard  Lam. September 1994- September 1996. Regulation of host-plasma membrane Ca2+-ATPase activity during host-pathogen interactions. (M.Sc. Thesis).

Angie Gelli.  September 1992 - December 1996. The electrophysiological characterization of plant calcium channels and their role in calcium homeostasis. (Ph.D. Thesis).

Maris Apse. September 1992-January 1998. Identification of the tonoplast-associated 170 kDa protein from Beta Vulgaris (M.Sc. Thesis).

Gilad Aharon. September 1996-January 1998. Biochemical characterization of TGa1 – a plant heterotrimeric G-protein a-subunit homologue (M.Sc. Thesis).

Sheyun Zao. March 1992 – January 1998. Induction of freezing tolerance in jack pine seedlings: changes in lipids, oxidation-reduction and antioxidants during cold acclimation. (Ph.D. Thesis)

Gregg Nyhus. September 1997 – December 1999. Investigation of a putative interaction between Tgalpha1, a heterotrimeric G-protein alpha subunit and a DnaJ homologue in Tomato. (M.Sc. Thesis)

Shili Duan,  September 1999-July 2001. Molecular characterization of AtNHX3, a vacuolar sodium/proton antiport. (M.Sc. Thesis)

Bernard Lam. October 1996 – January 2002. Protein modules and their role in signal transduction in plants. (Ph.D. thesis).

Maris Apse. September 1997-June 2002. Role of vacuolar sodium/proton antiporters in salt tolerance and ion homeostasis (Ph.D. thesis)

Gilad Aharon. January 1997 – December 2002. Characterization of the role and regulation of the Plant AtNHX transporter family. (Ph.D. thesis)

Jordan Sottosanto, September 2001 – December 2006. The importance of vacuolar cation/H+ exchange: Impact of a functional mutation of AtNHX1 on the phenotyp and gene expression of Arabidopsis. (Ph.D. thesis).

Ellen Tumimbang, July 2003 – December 2007. Characterization of the tolerance mechanisms associated with Saltol, the major QTL associated with salinity tolerance in rice and identification of putative candidate genes. (Ph.D. thesis) (co-supervised with IRRI, Los Banos, Philippines)

Moshen Hanana (January 2004 – November 2007). Molecular characterization and functional analysis of a grapevine cation/proton antiporter.(Ph.D. Thesis)   (co-supervised with the Laboratoire de Physiologie Moleculaire de la Vigne, Tunisia)

Mario G. Fon (September 2007 – June 2009) Acid and sugar homeostasis in citrus fruits. (M.Sc. Thesis)

Marina Large, June 2003 – October 2008. Structure/function analyses of ion transporters. (M.Sc. Thesis)

Rosa Jauregui, September 2007 – August 2009. Drought tolerance in wheat (M. Sc. Thesis).

Ardian Coku, Jan 2010 – June 2012. Function of NHX-type transporters in plant development (M.Sc. Thesis)

Viviana Maria Varajao Martins, September 2010-July 2014. Cooper Impacts in grapevine (Vitis vinifera L) – molecular, biochemical and biotechnological approaches. (Ph.D. thesis), (co-supervised with Dept of Biology, University of Minho, Portugal).

Cecilia Decima Oneto, March 2010 – June 2014. Estudio del comportamiento de plantas transformadas de maíz (Zea mays L.) con el gen ipt (isopentenil-transferasa) de Agrobacterium tumefaciens bajo la regulación del promotor sark (receptor proteína-kinasa asociado a senescencia) de Phaseolus vulgaris. (Ph.D. thesis) (Co-supervised with Instituto de Genetica EA Favret, INTA, Argentina).

Tyler McCubin, Sept 2013 –Dec 2014. Role of intravesicular pH homeostasis on root growth (M.Sc. Thesis).

Ho-Youn Kim, Sept 2009 – March 2015. Characterization of a Plum Bud Sport Mutant: From the Bench to Systems Biology Analysis. (Ph.D. thesis)

Macarena Farcuh, September 2013 – August 2018. Hormone balance and sugar metabolism reprograming in non-climacteric plums. (Ph.D. thesis)

Kamolchanok Umnajktikorn, September 2013-June 2018. Silencing of CHLOROPLAST VESICULATION (CV) promotes the tolerance of rice to water-deficit stress and high CO2 (Ph.D. thesis)

Shiqi Zhang, Sept 2012 – September 2018. Vacuolar cation/proton exchangers.(Ph.D. thesis)


Post-Doctoral Fellows

Dr. Omar Pantoja.  1988-1992. Patch-clamp studies in plant vacuoles.

Dr. Mohan Subramanian. 1990-1992. Stress resistance in conifers.

Dr. Roumiana Alexandrova. 1993 - 1995. Molecular characterization of   ion transporters.

Dr. Ti Xing.   1993-1997. Plant-pathogen interactions.

Dr. Norbert Degousse. 1993-1995. Plant-pathogen interactions

Dr. John Marshall. 1994-1996. Cell wall binding proteins.

Dr. Wayne Snedden. 1997-2000. Signal transduction pathways.

Dr. Tao Xia, 1999 – 2001. Engineering salt tolerance in crops.

Dr. Xuejun Hua, 2000 – 2001. Engineering salt tolerance in crops.

Dr. Hong-Xia Zhang. 1999 – 2001. H+-coupled ion transporters.

Dr. Huazong Shi. 2001 –2003.  transcriptional regulation of cation/proton antiports.

Dr. Juan Manuel Ruiz, 2001 – 2002. Plant Stress Tolerance

Dr. Maris Apse, 2001 – 2003. Proteomic analyses of ion transporters.

Dr. Rosa M. Rivero, 2003 – 2008. Drought tolerance in plants.

Dr. Gao Zhifang 2003. Cloning of citrate transporters

Dr. Toshio Yamaguchi, 2001 – 2006, Ion homeostasis in plants.

Dr. Lianhai Fu, 2001 – 2005, citrus proteomics

Dr. Hui Zhang, 2003 – 2004, Structure/Function analyses of ion transporters

Dr. Liancai Peng 2004-2005. Structure/Function analyses of ion transporters

Dr. Oliver Cagnac. 2005-2008. Membrane transport

Dr. Udi Katz. 2005-2009. Citrus Proteomics

Dr. Marina Leterrier. 2005-2008. Salt and Drought tolerance in wheat.

Dr. Masaaki Ohto. 2005-2008. Drought tolerance in crop plants.

Dr. Mohammad Arif. 2006-2007. Rice salt tolerance and QTLs.

Dr. Mark Szcerba, 2008 –2009. Nitrogen Use Efficiency and Drought.

Dr. Cinta Gimeno, 2008 – 2010. Switchgrass establishment in CA.

Dr. Tomoya Esumi, 2008-2009. Membrane Transport

Dr. Zvi Peleg, 2008-2011. Wheat Genetics

Dr. Lui Li 2008 – 2010. Transcription Factors

Dr. Elias Bassil, 2009-2017, Intravesicular trafficking.

Dr. Hiromi Tajima 2009-present. Vacuolar Na/H antiporters.

Dr. Martin Kottackal, 2010-2015. Plant Transformation

Dr. Indrajit Dutta, 2010-2013. Plant Transformation

Dr. Maria Reguera, 2010-2015. Source/Sink physiology

Dr. Maria Cristina Suarez, 2010. Stress signalling.

Dr. Suhaila Rahman, 2012 – 2013. Drought tolerance in Pearl Millet.

Dr. Songhu Wang, Chloroplast turnover. 2012-2014.

Dr. Maria del Mar Wilhelmi, 2012-present. Plant Resistance to Environmental Stresses.

Dr. Prasenjit Saha, 2013 – 2016. Drought tolerance in monocot crops.

Dr. Wagner de Souza, 2013-2015. Drought tolerance in crops.

Dr. Hiroaki Tamaki, 2013 -2014. Stress tolerance in crops.

Dr. Nir Sade, 2014 – 2018. Drought tolerance in crops.

Dr. Bosheng Li, 2014 – 2016. Drought tolerance in crops.

Dr. Violeta Zorraquino, 2015 – 2018. Nitrogen Fixation in Rice.

Dr. Dawei Yan, 2017 – present. Nitrogen Fixation in Rice.

Dr. David Toubiana, 2017-2020. Bioinformatics.

Dr. Avishek Banik, 2018 – 2019. Nitrogen Fixation in Rice


Research Associates and Visiting Scholars

Dr. Mahsen Al-Taie. (Canada) 1988-1989. Development of callus and regeneration of conifers.

Dr. Anna Moroni (Univ di Milano, Italy). 1988-989. Plant plasma mebrane H+-ATPases.

Dr. Emilia Ballesteros (Universidad de Granada). 1994. Membrane fractionation.

Pamela Noldner. 1996-1998. Role of host-plasma membrane redox in plant defense response against pathogens.

Prof.  Ronald J. Poole. (McGill University) 1997. Cloning of Ca2+ channels.

Prof. Liliana Busconi (Univ. of Mar del Plata, Argentina), 1999. G-Proteins.

Dr. Mariana Martin, (Univ. of Mar del Plata, Argentina), 2000. Protein kinase interactors.

Dr. Megan Lindsay (CSIRO, Australia), 2000. Wheat Na+/H+ antiporters.

Prof. Dudi BarZvi  (Ben Gurion University, Israel), 2002-2003. Transcriptional regulation.

Prof. Avi Zadka (Volcani Center, Israel), 2002-2003. Sugar to acid ratio in citrus fruits.

Prof. Anil Grover (New Dehli, India), 2002- 2004. Cation/proton transporters.

Dr. Anita Grover (New Dehli, India), 2002-2004. Host/pathogen interactions

Prof. Shimon Gepstein (Technion Institute, Israel). 20032004. Sink/source relations.

Prof. Takehiko Shimada (Nat’l Inst. Fruit Tree Sciences, Japan) (2005), acid balance in fruits.

Prof. Ryohei Nakano (Dept of Pomology, Okayama University) (2004-2005). Sugar synthesis and degradation in fruits.

Dr. Amira Gepstein (Technion Institute, Israel), 2003-2004. Fruit Proteomics .

Ellen Tumimbang (International Rice Research Institute, Philippines, 2005- 2020. Breeding salt tolerant rice.

Mohsen Hanana (University of Tunizia), 2005-2007. Salt tolerant grapes.

Prof. Ju-Kon Kim (Myongjii University, Korea), 2005 – 2007. QTLs and molecular markers in rice.

Prof. Yoshua Saranga (Hebrew Univ of Jerusalem, Israel) 2005 –2006. Breeding for stress tolerance.

 Tomoya Esumi (Univ. of Nagoya, Japan) 2005-2006 – sugar transporters.

Anjuman Arif (NIbge, Pakistan), Breeding for drought tolerance. 2006-2007.

Prof. Haiyan Li (Julin Agricultural University, Julin, China), halophytes and tolerance to high salt in alkaline soils.  2006-2007.

Prof. Alex Levine (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel) 2007. Redox and stress.

Prof. J.M Ruiz (University of Granada) – 2007. Biofortification in Lettuce.

Modassir Ahmed (NIBGE, Pakistan),  2008 – 2009. Drought tolerance.

Zhu Zhu (NE Normal Univ, China),  2007 –2008. Endosomal antiporters.

Prof. Mihal Oren-Shamir (2008). (Volcani Center, Israel) Fruit Genomics.

Prof. Josepha Shahak (2009). (Volcani Center, Israel), Light harvesting.

Prof. Sayeddali Peyghambari (2010) (Teheran, Iran), Genomics.

Prof. Yuval Cohen (2010-2011). (Volcani Center, Israel) Fruit Metabolomics.

Prof. Carla Delatorre (2010-2011) (Univ Fed. Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil). Promoter analysis.

Prof. Yesim Yalcin Mendia (2011) (Turkey), salt tolerance.

Prof. Yasser Abdel-Tawab (2011-2014) (Agric. Res. Center, Giza, Egypt) Drough tolerance.

Prof. Sarah Eldessouky (2011-2014) (Agric. Res. Center, Giza, Egypt) Cell Culture.

Prof. Hernani Geros (2012). Universidad de Minho, Braga, Portugal. Copper transport in grape cells.

Viviana Martins (2012), University of Minho, Braga, Portugal. Copper transport in grape cells.

Francis Pereira Dias (2012). University of Sao Paolo, Brazil. Stress-inducible promoters.

Prof. Aviah Zilberstein (2012). Ion Homeostasis, University of Tel Aviv, Israel.

Prof. Yanni Zhang (2013). Harbin, China. Abiotic stress.

Dr. Marco dalla Rizza (2013). INIA, Uruguay. Expression of peptides in plants.

Dr. Maria Cristina Cordeiro (2013). EMBRAPA, Brazil. Drought tolerance in crops.

Prof. Hassan Saleri (2013). Shiraz University, Iran, Plant transformation.

Mathew Wright 2013-2016. Stress Tolerance in crop plants

Prof. Luming Yao (2014-2015) Shangai Jiao Tong University. Drought tolerance

Dr. Hiroaki Tamaki (2013-2015) Sumimoto Chemicals, Japan. Drought tolerance.

Prof. Qinghua Sun (2015-2016) Shandong Ag. University. Stress Tolerance.

Xiaojuan Ke (2015-2017). Nanjing Agricultural University. China. Stress Tolerance

Dr. Maasaki Oto (2016 – 2020).

Prof. Avi Sadka (2016-2017). Volcani Center, ARO, Israel. Fruit quality.

Haijung Gong (2016-2017). Northwest A&F University, Yangling, China. Salt tolerance

Fei Weng (2016-2018). Nanjing Agricultural University. Biofuels.

Qiaoping Qin (2016-2017). Zhejiang A&F University, Fruit quality

Imran Khan (2017). University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan. Stress Tolerance.

Jianrong Feng (2017-2018). Shihezi University, Xinjiang, China. Fruit ripening.

Xiaoqin Wu (2017-2018). Nanjing University, China. Nitrogen fixation.

Ehsan Ataii (2017-2018). Isafahan University, Iran. Water homeostasis.

M. A. Ashraf (2018).  GC University, Faisalabad, Pakistan. Stress Tolerance

Luciana Fleitas (2017), UdelaR, Montevideo, Uruguay, Chloroplast turnover

Matias Maidana Etcheverry (2018-2019), INIA, Uruguay. Antibacterial peptide production

Jinping Xiao (2018-2019), Zhejian Acad Agr Sci, China. Fruit maturation

Lei Zhang (2018-2019), China Agric. Univ., China. Stress tolerance

Faezeh Ghanati (2019), Iran., Plant transformation

David Montesinos Pereira (2019), Univ. Granada, Spain. Stress Tolerance


Undergraduate Fellows and undergraduate research projects.

1988.-         Jeffrey Greenberg - Plasma membrane ion channels.

1988.-         Richard Pierce - Isolation of chloroplast membranes.

1989.-         Angie Gelli - Vacuolar ion channels.

1989.-         Michael Richardson - Plasma membranes from conifers.

1990.-         Randy Reuton - Plasma membrane ATPAses.

1991.-         Nishan Jayawaedene - In vitro protein synthesis.

1992.-         Pamela Plant - Patch-clamp studies.

1992.-         Maris Apse - Vacuolar proton pumps.

1994.-         Gilad Aharon - Drought stress in conifers.

1994.-95    Mara Schvartzstein - Patch clamp studies

1996.-         Gregg Nyhus - Protein phosphorylation.

1997.-         Lorraine Fleck. Plant Ca2+-ATPases.

1998.-         Vanessa Kung. Protein-protein interactions.

1999.-         Victoria Wong. Protein-protein interactions.

1999.- 2000  Stephanie Lan-lan Smith. Salt stress in plants.

1999.          Kasthuri Sithamparanathan. Stress screens in Arabidopsis.

2000           Fabrizio Bianchi. Protein-protein interactions.

2000           Michael Lam, cation/proton transporters

2000          Edwin Make, plant transformation

2000           Renee Givari. Na+/H+ antiporters

2000           Katharine Kwok. Na+/H+ antiporters.

2002           Fernando Navarro. Molecular biology of stress.

2004           Bobby Medina (High School Student). Citrus Proteomics

2005           Dipan Patel (High School Student). Membrane Transport.

2005-6        Michelle Chan, vacuolar antiporters.

2006-9        Iana Kostina. Arabidopsis knockout plants.

2006           Linda Li. Phenotyping of tolerant rice varieties.

2006           Christina Yuen (UCD-Young Scholars Program).Plant Stress.

2007           Kenji Nishiyama. Drought tolerance in plants.

2007           Stephen Scharm. Vacuolar yeast ion transporters.

2007           Nghia Pham. Salt tolerance in rice varieties.

2007           Garrett Chavez. Proteomics

2008           Bernice Leung (abiotic stress)

2008-10     Zain Baharuddin (rice genomics)

2008-         Allison Hutmacher (drought tolerance)

2010           Greyson Tarantino (biotechnology intern)

2011           Ching-Huang Lin (exchange student-GREAT Program)

2011           David Wang (Davis High School, biotechnology program)

2011           Russell Lewis (undergraduate summer project)

2012           Jasmine Hakim-Elahi (Davis High School, biotechnology)      

2012           Angelica Reina Bassil (Lancaster High School, LA, CA)

2012           Lucy Cui (Modesto High School, CA)

2013           Mathew Wright (Biotech Intern, UC Davis)

2013-14     Jonas Rodriguez (Biotech Intern, UC Davis)

2013           Perry Natukunda (Undergraduate Research Project)

2013           Beatrice Dea (Biotech Intern, UC Davis)

2013-14     Kevin Coe (Biotech Intern, UC Davis)

2013           Ann Nguyen (Undergraduate Research Project)

2014           Cindy Lui (Biotech Intern, UC Davis)

2014           Robin Wu (Undergraduate Research Project)

2014           Anjali Kadakia (Undergraduate Research Project)

2014           Melinda Yin (Undergraduate Research Project)

2014           Kristan Jorde (Undergraduate Research Project)

2014           Mahmoud Jaber (Biotech Intern, UC Davis)

2014           Sandy Chen (Biotech Intern, UC Davis)

2014           Knight  Aqueriolo (undergraduate research project)

2014           Jacky Lui (undergraduate research project)

2014           Trong Bui (undergraduate research project)

2014           Kareem Addasi (Biotech Intern, UC Davis)

2014           Arjun Natarjan Chen (Biotech Intern, UC Davis)

2014           Huy Thai (MURALS Program)

2014           Giang Nguyen (undergraduate research project)

2014           Jessica Sanchez (undergraduate research project)

2014           Christopher Cunanan (undergraduate research project)

2014           Ngoc Pham (undergraduate research project)

2015           Todd Hunt (undergraduate research project)

2015           Thanh Duong (undergraduate research project)

2015           Gregory Wing (undergraduate research project)

2015           Kristy Ly (Biotech intern, UC Davis)

2015           Huy Tai (Biotech intern, UC Davis)

2015           Nhu Throng (Biotech intern, UC Davis)

2015           Christopher Tran (Biotech intern, UC Davis)

2015           Sara Mohammad(Biotech intern, UC Davis)

2015           Janet Tran (Biotech intern, UC Davis)

2015           Jocelyn Chaves (Biotech intern, UC Davis)

2015           Cindy Maria (Biotech intern, UC Davis)

2015           Hye Won Kim    (Biotech intern, UC Davis)

2015           Avery Wang       (Biotech intern, UC Davis)

2015           Kevin Abernathy (Biotech intern, UC Davis)

2015           Youn Jin Youn (Biotech intern, UC Davis)

2015           Meixuan Chen (undergraduate research project)

2015           Serena Zhen (Biotech intern, UC Davis)

2016           Holly Chen (undergraduate research project)

2016           Smaresptha Burma (undergraduate research project)

2016           Yu Chan (undergraduate research project)

2016           Rosa Mateo (undergraduate research project)

2016           Lauren Duan (Biotechnology Program, Davis High School)

2016           Jacob Cominge (Biotech Program, Davis High School)

2016           Mitali Singh (undergraduate research project)

2016           Cari Young (undergraduate research project)

2016           Lin Song (Biotech Intern, UC Davis)

2016           Xu Tao    (undergraduate research project)

2016           Andrea Argulo (undergraduate research project)

2016           Imran Meskienyar (undergraduate research project)

2016           Nicholas Szeto (undergraduate research project)

2016           Smia Sahebi      (undergraduate research project)

2016           Liala Zaray (undergraduate research project)

2016           Rika Watanabe (undergraduate research project)

2016           Maleeha Burney (undergraduate research project)

2016           Fangyi Wang (Biotech Intern, UC Davis)

2016           Grabiela Superticioso (Biotech Intern, UC Davis)

2016           Edward Banas (undergraduate research project)

2016           Sana Fatima (undergraduate research project)

2016           Albert Lee (undergraduate research project)

2016           Jenny Arabit (undergraduate research project)

2016           Andrew Valero (Biotechnology Program, Davis High School)

2016           Koru Vu (undergraduate research project)

2016-8        Kelly Hofshneider (undergraduate research project)

2016-7        Serena Zhen (undergraduate research project)

2017           Mengxiao Wang (undergraduate research project)

2017           Shlok Bhalinge (undergraduate research project)

2017           Mitali Singh (undergraduate research project)

2017-8        Cari Young (undergraduate research project)

2017           Lin Song (undergraduate research project)

2017           Fangyi Wang (undergraduate research project)

2017           Korey Vu (undergraduate research project)

2017           Priscilla Nai (undergraduate research project)

2017           Chia Yu Kuo (undergraduate research project)

2018           Emily Chiang (Biotech Program, Davis High School)

2018           Erin Lovell (Biotech Program, Davis High School)

2018           Brittany Tam (undergraduate research project)

2018           Anahut Sandhu (undergraduate research project)

2018           Logan Kunkel (undergraduate research project)

2019           Elizabeth Ding (Biotech Program, Davis High School)