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Research Projects

Research Projects

Arabidopsis 2010: Abiotic stress combination: bridging the gap between Arabidopsis stress research and agriculture.
The project intends to identify the genetic and metabolic networks that respond to abiotic stress combinations, specifically drought and heat, drought and salinity, salinity and heat, as well as drought, heat and salinity. Click here to read more.

Molecular, Cellular and Physiological Mechanisms Associated with Delayed Leaf Senescence Induced Drought Tolerance in Crop-Plants.
The overall goal of this study is generating crop plants with enhanced drought tolerance and characterizing the physiological, cellular, and molecular mechanisms enabling the transgenic plants’ drought tolerance. Click here to read more.

Characterization of Arabidopsis mutants lacking multiple vacuolar/endosomal Na+/H+ antiporters.
Arabidopsis thaliana vacuolar/endosomal Na+/H+ 1 (AtNHX1) has been previously shown to play important roles in cellular homeostasis, including the sequestration of Na+ and K+ ions into the vacuole, the regulation of vacuolar pH and leaf development. We are interested in characterizing the function of members of the AtNHX family which remain largely unknown. Click here to read more.

Citrus fruit quality: insights into citrus fruit metabolism by using proteomics.
We are interested in citrus fruit quality and focus mainly on sugar accumulation and homeostasis during fruit development. We are taking a few approaches to understand processes affecting fruit quality traits and to understand sugar accumulation and homeostasis in citrus fruit 1) identification and characterization of vacuolar sugar transporters 2) proteomics analysis of fruit development. Click here to read more.